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At Operio we see the world a little differently. We believe that manufacturing is supported not by machinery vendors or ingredient suppliers rather by the combination of these two. That is why we are assembling a group of multidisciplinary companies to not just supply the food, beverage, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries but really support them. We understand the unique challenges you as a manufacturer face and we are ready with the experience and expertise to support you.


Launched in 2022, Operio Group started from the robust foundations of LFA Machines and Vivion Inc, uniting under a shared vision. This vision recognized that customers seek more than just machines or ingredients; they require comprehensive solutions to product creation. Operio's inception hinged on the synergy of Vivion's extensive ingredient knowledge and LFA's deep understanding of the machinery used for these ingredients. This collaborative approach allows Operio's brands to offer not just products, but also a wealth of support and expertise.

The group's collective history spans over 100 years, marking a journey of continuous evolution and growth. Operio's portfolio has been further enriched by the inclusion of several notable brands: Stokes, Elizabeth, Scheu & Kniss and Compression Components & Service (CCS).

Together, these brands under Operio Group offer a holistic approach to product creation, spanning from raw ingredients to sophisticated machinery, ensuring that customers have access to an all-encompassing service and product portfolio.



To provide solutions to manufacturers of solid dose products.


To assemble a group of companies that through strategic synergies enable manufacturers to consistently deliver high quality solid dose products.


We are building a community by:

  • Bettering Ourselves

  • Having Integrity

  • Being Supportive

  • Caring

When looking for new brands we try to find companies with a value structure that closely lines up to ours so that in time we are able to build strong team bonds and full alignment.




Compression Components & Service, LLC (CCS) was founded in 2002 with a focus on providing support services to tablet press end users including control systems, spare parts, training and field service.

In 2005, CCS acquired the Stokes Tablet Press and Index Capsule Filler brands in two separate transactions and began to manufacture brand new machines and control systems. The vast experience in the design and manufacturing of tablet presses, capsule fillers and control systems that CCS holds enables them to support the needs of customers with new equipment, remanufactured equipment, control systems, spare parts, training, field service and calibration service.


Index Encapsulation Equipment, LLC is an elite manufacturer of high speed, tamping-style, capsule filling equipment with a 35 year history.

With a focus on quality and customer service, Index provides capsule filler solutions to pharmaceutical & nutraceutical manufacturing companies.


Founded in 1954, Elizabeth specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of precision steel tooling products (punches and dies) used to compress powder materials into tableted compacts.


The largest global market for punches and dies is pharmaceutical and nutritional tablets. Other significant markets include consumer batteries, candy & confections, automotive airbags, nuclear fuels, and various chemical & catalytic materials.


Elizabeth is the parent operation to three (3) other domestic factories serving similar and diverse industries.



LFA Machines was started in 2009, initially focusing on small tablet presses. We took time to identify who our customers would be and how we could best serve them. As we learned about the market and the struggles our customers were facing, we decided that:

LFA Machines’ mission is to become synonymous with the tableting and encapsulation of supplements and confectionery.

While our tablet presses can be used in other industries such as compound pharmacies, chemical manufacturing and pharmaceuticals, we discovered that it was simply impossible for us to be experts in all of them. We have found that by honing our expertise in vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts, we are better able to support our customers who need us the most.


Scheu & Kniss offers more than 100 years of experience specializing in a wide range of replacement parts, turrets and rebuild-services for all major brands of rotary tablet presses. Scheu & Kniss excels in superior quality products, attractive pricing and fast delivery compared to OEMs and other after-market providers. 



Stokes was founded in Philadelphia (circa 1895) and is one of the most recognized and respected names in the tablet press industry. Stokes tablet presses are used in multiple industries including pharmaceutical, nutritional, confectionery, battery, air-bag, chlorine, cannabis, munitions, powder metals, as well as other industrial applications.


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Solid Dose University (SDU) is a premier educational institution dedicated to advancing the field of solid dose manufacturing. Serving primarily the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, SDU provides comprehensive training and development programs designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of professionals in tableting, encapsulation, gummy production, and powder formulation.


With state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, SDU offers hands-on learning experiences led by industry experts, ensuring participants are well-prepared to meet the challenges of modern manufacturing. SDU's curriculum is tailored to cater to all levels of expertise, from beginners to seasoned professionals seeking advanced training. By fostering a collaborative environment that encourages innovation and practical application, Solid Dose University is committed to shaping the future of pharmaceutical manufacturing and maintaining the highest standards of quality and compliance in the industry.

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Founded in 1957 by Edward Poleselli, Vivion has grown to be the leading West coast supplier of ingredients for Nutritional, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Cosmetics, Personal Care, Agricultural and Industrial markets and have products for nearly every application.


With a strong foundation in their values Vivion provides value through having a large range of well documented products on hand and ready for your use. Vivion brings all of this together in their mission.




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