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LFA Machines Adds New Formulation Testing Services

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

FORT WORTH, Texas, Feb. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- LFA Machines, a subsidiary of Operio Group and a leading global provider of products and support in the tableting and encapsulation industry, today announced their new tablet formulation testing services.

In addition to supplying solid dose and nutraceutical manufacturing machinery as well as empty capsules and excipients, LFA Machines is now providing formulation testing services for tablet manufacturers. These services include individual ingredient tests, post-mixing tests, tablet formulation tests, tablet quality testing and free proof of concept testing. With the potential to help with formulation development, the goal of LFA Machines' testing services is to address and mitigate customers' common tableting problems such as tablet binding issues, poor flow characteristics, capping in tablets, caking powder and more.

"Whether you have an idea for a product and are new to tableting or you have an API you cannot seem to compress into a solid dose, LFA Machines' formulation services can help," said Alastair Sanderson, CEO of Operio Group. "Our experienced technicians are able to test individual or a combination of ingredients to sort the best ratios and order of addition to produce high quality tablets. As we expand into this space, we will only strengthen our support with our customers."

For up to three ingredients, with an additional charge per additional ingredient, an in-house formulation scientist will calculate a formula's bulk density, tapped bulk density, angle of repose and Hausner ratio. LFA Machines technicians will also mix customers' ingredients and perform powder flow testing. After the ingredients are mixed, LFA Machines will determine the post-mix calculations of bulk density, tapped bulk density, angle of repose and Hausner ratio. The technicians at LFA Machines will then produce a tablet from the customer's formulation and measure the tablet's size and weight, test its friability and hardness and evaluate the disintegration rate of the tablet.

For customers who have already successfully developed formulations, LFA Machines will conduct free proof of concept testing. After the customer sends the formulation, the services team will assess the flow properties, tablet the formula using a tablet press, analyze the finished tablet and send it back to the customer.

"As we continue to build on our capabilities of supporting our mission of providing solutions to manufacturers of consumable products, we are excited to diversify our list of services with formulation testing," said Sol Clahane, CRO of Operio Group. "By adding formulation testing to our services, we are in a unique position of facilitating consumable product manufacturers to consistently deliver on effective and quality products."

With the addition of their in-house powder formulation testing, LFA Machines is broadening their list of services to support the successful manufacture of solid dosage forms and nutraceutical products. To learn more about this brand new service, fill out an inquiry form at or email LFA Machines' sales team at

About LFA Machines

LFA Machines, a global leader in the supplements industry, is recognized as an all-in-one provider of tableting and encapsulation of supplements and confectionery for small and mid-sized manufacturing operations. Serving customers worldwide in four countries, in 11 languages, across three complete websites with multiple currencies (,,, LFA Machines features a broad assortment of products and customer support representatives. LFA Machines' customers can expect 100% genuine products that are fully traceable and certified. To help speed customers' time to market, LFA Machines hosts an extensive library of technical materials, including hundreds of technical resources, how-to videos, articles, product specifications and user manuals. LFA Machines was founded in 2009 in the United Kingdom and today offers worldwide support to provide best-in-class service and ships from its corporate office and 65,000-square-foot distribution facility in Fort Worth, Texas. For more information, visit

About Operio Group

Launched in 2022 and started from the seeds of LFA Machines and Vivion Inc., Operio Group was conceived from a simple idea: customers do not need machines or ingredients, they need solutions to make products. Operio Group has been set up to invest in companies that directly serve the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage manufacturing industries. Aiming to bring together multidisciplinary teams from different sections of the supply chain in the industries that it serves, Operio Group is able to not just provide products but support people through the consolidated knowledge of their brands. For more information, visit

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