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LFA Machines Dominates the United States Market with Over 50% Market Share

FORT WORTH, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--LFA Machines, a brand of Operio Group and a leading global provider of tableting and encapsulation products and services for the solid dose industries, today announces its achievement of capturing a little over 50% of the tablet press machine market share in the United States in 2021. This outstanding accomplishment is a testament to the company's commitment to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction.

The findings from a comprehensive market analysis conducted by a reputable research firm revealed that LFA Machines secured an impressive market share of 55% in the United States. This significant milestone reflects the trust and confidence that customers have placed in LFA Machines and its products.

“It is gratifying to know that such a large part of the tablet press market put their faith in LFA Machines and our equipment,” said Alastair Sanderson, CEO of Operio Group. “Over the last 14 years, we have worked very hard to continuously improve the quality of our machines while providing them at a more competitive price than many other manufacturers.”

The company's commitment to customer satisfaction has also played a pivotal role in securing its market dominance. LFA Machines provides comprehensive services, including maintenance, training, lifetime support and a new formulation testing service, ensuring that customers maximize the value of their investment.

“Our goal has been to become more than just a supplier; we want to be the catalyst for our customer's growth and a trusted partner for anyone manufacturing tablets,” said Katie Johnson, Director of Sales at LFA Machines. “It's inspiring to see that we've captured this majority through helping people launch and scale their businesses. We look forward to being able to expand on the support and resources we can provide to the tablet production industry.”

As LFA Machines enters the next phase of growth, it remains committed to exceeding customer expectations and maintaining its industry leadership position. The company will continue to invest in research and development, fostering strategic partnerships and expanding its reach to new markets, both domestically and internationally.

Sanderson shares, “As I look forward to the future I hope to grow our ability to survive different sections of the market through collaboration with other brands offering a full suite of machinery that is able to meet the demands of the customer where they need them.”

About LFA Machines

LFA Machines, a global leader in the solid dose manufacturing industry, is recognized as an all-in-one provider of tableting and encapsulation of supplements and confectionery for small and mid-sized manufacturing operations. Serving customers worldwide in four countries, in 11 languages, across three complete websites with multiple currencies (,, and, LFA Machines features a broad assortment of products and customer support representatives. Founded in 2009 in the United Kingdom, LFA Machines today offers worldwide support to provide best-in-class service and ships from its corporate office and 65,000-square-foot distribution facility in Fort Worth, Texas. For more information, visit

About Operio Group

Launched in 2022 and started from the seeds of LFA Machines and Vivion Inc., Operio Group was conceived from a simple idea: customers do not need machines or ingredients, they need solutions to make products. Operio Group has been set up to invest in companies that directly serve the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage manufacturing industries. Aiming to bring together multidisciplinary teams from different sections of the supply chain in the industries that it serves, Operio Group is able to not just provide products but support people through the consolidated knowledge of their brands. For more information, visit

Contacts Whittney Hines Operio Group 682-312-0034

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