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Vivion, Inc. Launches New Empty Capsules Product Range

FORT WORTH, Texas, Feb. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Vivion, Inc., a brand of Operio Group and a global provider of ingredient solutions for everyday applications, today announced their new product range launch of empty gelatin, HPMC and pullulan capsules.

Along with providing ingredients for the nutraceutical, pharmacy, food, beverage and other consumable industries, Vivion is expanding its product selection and launching a full line of empty capsules. Vivion's two-piece capsules are ideal for encapsulating powder and herbs and can be used for medicines, vitamins, supplements, herbal products, amino acids and more.

"I am excited to see Vivion continue to focus on a section of the market where we feel we can provide the most support and value to our customers," said Alastair Sanderson, CEO of Operio Group. "By working hard to understand the needs of our nutraceutical manufacturing customers, I feel we can apply our knowledge to assist with specific challenges. When this comes to capsules, it is the understanding of how traditional ingredients such as herbal products or vitamins and minerals interact with the empty capsule. By supporting our customers I am sure Vivion will be able to help them bring better, more cost-effective products to market."

Manufactured in accordance with cGMP standards, Vivion's capsules also have fine tolerances with a high closure reliability which guarantees no disruptions in production. There is an option for nearly every preference with Vivion's capsule range, including gelatin capsules derived from natural bovine sources, as well as the plant-based HPMC capsules and pullulan capsules. With sizes available as big as #000 and as small as #5, Vivion's capsules can be consumed by adults and children alike as well as large, mid-sized, and small animals.

"Our entry into the capsule market allows us to provide more comprehensive solutions for our customers," said Sol Clahane, CRO of Operio Group. "Operio Group's expertise in equipment, formulation and ingredients uniquely positions us to be a natural resource and supplier of capsules. With the highest spec rating and customizable capabilities, our capsules will support consistent quality and efficiency for our manufacturers. We are excited to expand our service and value to our customers."

Vivion incorporating empty capsules along with ingredients in their product line will give manufacturers a convenient avenue to purchase products for making medicine and nutritional supplements. Connect with the Vivion sales team at to learn more about your bulk purchasing opportunities.

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