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Operio Group Announces Appointment of Deb Blackwell as Chief Revenue Officer

FORT WORTH, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Operio Group, an emerging holding company building a global body of brands supplying and supporting the solid dose manufacturing industry, has today announced its hiring of Deb Blackwell as its newest Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). This strategic move signifies a commitment to driving growth and operational excellence in the solid dose space, as Blackwell brings with her an impressive track record of revenue optimization and leadership.

“I am really excited to have Deb Blackwell join our team,” said Alastair Sanderson, CEO of Operio Group. “I feel like she adds a perspective, background and experience to Operio Group that will really propel us forward.”

The addition of Blackwell to the executive team is set to bolster the company's market position and usher in a new phase of success and innovation. An accomplished executive, Blackwell has an extensive record of facilitating top sales and marketing as well as building high-performance teams in the Food, Beverage, CPG and SaaS industries. Her expertise lies in brand management, retail/foodservice, direct, broker, warehouse and DSD leadership experience. She has also demonstrated the ability to manage budgets $400M+ and a proven history of developing high performing sales teams and implementing successful strategies to generate revenue growth at Coca-Cola, Unilever, Mondelez, Kraft, Cadbury, Procter & Gamble and Fresh Technology, Inc.

“It thrills me that Deb is not from [the solid dose] industry. Operio Group is working to bring a new offering to our customers and meet their unmet challenges in new ways,” continued Sanderson. “Deb’s lateral thinking and fresh eyes allow her to more objectively solve these issues at hand.”

“I am excited to join Operio Group as Chief Revenue Officer,” said Blackwell. “My belief is that our core values and vision for the organization are fully aligned. I bring a unique perspective to business that can accelerate our growth, enrich our culture and set our customers up for success as a single source solution.”

This pivotal step for Operio Group contributes to its endeavors to expand and strengthen its position in the global solid dose manufacturing industry. As Operio Group continues to shape a conglomerate of brands that stand at the forefront of the industry, this new leadership addition will be instrumental in the next phase of their growth.

“By understanding that manufacturing is supported not by machinery vendors, tooling providers or ingredient suppliers but rather by the combination of these, Operio Group brings expertise and support that sets us apart and allows us to set new standards,” said Blackwell.

About Operio Group Launched in 2022 and started from the seeds of LFA Machines and Vivion Inc., Operio Group was conceived from a simple idea: customers do not need machines or ingredients, they need solutions to make products. Operio has been set up to invest in companies that directly serve the food, beverage, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries. Aiming to bring together multidisciplinary teams from different sections of the supply chain in the industries that it serves, Operio is able to not just provide products but support people through the consolidated knowledge of their brands. For more information, visit

Contacts Whittney Hines Operio Group 682-312-0034

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