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Acquisition of CCS Bolsters Operio Group’s Position in the Solid Dose Market

Updated: May 22, 2023

FORT WORTH, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Operio Group, an emerging holding company building a global body of brands supplying and supporting the solid dose manufacturing industry, has today announced its acquisition of Compression Components and Services, LLC, a prominent provider of tablet press and capsule filling machines along with numerous services for manufacturers. This acquisition is a part of Operio Group’s ongoing efforts to expand and further strengthen its presence in the solid dose manufacturing industry and will allow CCS the opportunity to enter the U.K., Europe and Asia markets.

The CCS brands include Stokes, one of the most recognized and respected names in the tablet press industry that has been in existence for over a century, and Index, an elite manufacturer of high speed capsule filling machines who provides solutions to the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. This integration of companies not only broadens Operio Group’s standing in the solid dose machinery business but also expands the customer reach of CCS to a market outside of the U.S.

“I am so excited to have the CCS team join Operio Group,” said Alastair Sanderson, CEO of Operio Group. “Their knowledge of the industry, reputation and expertise are all going to help in continuing to make Operio Group the industry leader.”

“We are very excited to join the Operio Group and leverage our combined resources in an effort to improve all aspects of our business,” said Fran Mallee, President of CCS. “Operio's vision to support our customers with both equipment and ingredients is unique and has excellent potential benefits to both our group companies and more importantly our customers.”

Mallee added, “Operio's admiration for our brands (CCS, Index and Stokes) and plans for product advancement and market share growth makes the relationship very comforting in knowing that they care for the business we have built over the past 20 years, and they want to help us get to the next level.”

The acquisition of CCS is a significant milestone for Operio Group and majorly contributes to their mission of being the premium provider of solutions to manufacturers of solid dose products.

“I am looking forward to being able to quickly establish physical locations for Stokes Tablet Presses and Index Encapsulation Machines in the U.K., Europe and Asia using our existing team and infrastructure,” continued Sanderson. “I am sure that in doing so we can help build CCS to be the market leader globally that it is in the U.S.”

About Operio Group

Launched in 2022 and started from the seeds of LFA Machines and Vivion Inc., Operio Group was conceived from a simple idea: customers do not need machines or ingredients, they need solutions to make products. Operio has been set up to invest in companies that directly serve the food, beverage, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries. Aiming to bring together multidisciplinary teams from different sections of the supply chain in the industries that it serves, Operio is able to not just provide products but support people through the consolidated knowledge of their brands. For more information, visit

About CCS

Compression Components & Service, LLC (CCS) was founded in 2002 with a focus on providing support services to tablet press end users including control systems, spare parts, training and field service. In 2005, CCS acquired the Stokes Tablet Press and Index Capsule Filler brands in two separate transactions and began to manufacture brand new machines and control systems. The vast experience in the design and manufacturing of tablet presses, capsule fillers and control systems that CCS holds enables them to support the needs of customers with new equipment, remanufactured equipment, control systems, spare parts, training, field service and calibration service. For more information, visit

About Stokes

Stokes was founded in Philadelphia (circa 1895) and is one of the most recognized and respected names in the tablet press industry. Stokes tablet presses are used in multiple industries including pharmaceutical, nutritional, confectionery, battery, air-bag, chlorine, cannabis, munitions, powder metals, as well as other industrial applications. For more information, visit

About Index

Index Encapsulation Equipment, LLC is an elite manufacturer of high speed, tamping-style, capsule filling equipment with a 35 year history. With a focus on quality and customer service, Index provides capsule filler solutions to pharmaceutical & nutraceutical manufacturing companies. For more information, visit

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